My Kind of Corner Time

image from It's Country Spanker via Naughty Girls Made to Blush
image from It’s Country Spanker

But she’s not in a corner you say.

Of course she’s in a corner- her own little corner of the world. No need to be literal about such things.

But it’s too distracting, you say. She won’t be able to reflect.

Nonsense, I say. The sea is one of the most reflective places there are. Much more than a wall. Millions of people head out to the water every year to take time away from it all and just sit and be (and maybe catch a bit of sun in the process). Watching the waves shift and change- that has to be a better metaphor for changing behavior than a blank and unchanging bit of drywall.

But what if the tide comes in, you say.

That sounds lovely, I say. If you really need to be that persnickety about rubbing, the water can that part for me. It would be wonderfully soothing and would certainly encourage the reflection bit.

But there’s seaweed you say.

Ick I say. Fine, you win. Let’s stick with actual corners. But might I recommend. . .

image partially from Corner Time
image partially from Corner Time

6 thoughts on “My Kind of Corner Time

  1. I like that corner time wayyy better than stairing into a blank wall while Tyler watches tv hmmmpph lol

  2. This has potential if she’s out past the swimmers at the edge of the reef with nothing but the vastness of the ocean to contemplate. All the better is she can hear the shrieks and cries as others have their fun while does her penance knowing if she falters everyone will have a beachside seat to her bottom smacking.

    And safety first, facing the sea lest she be swept off her feet and carried off and not in a good way.

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