4 thoughts on “To Boldy Go Where No Man Has Gone Before

  1. Ah yes, there was a reason that all those junior crew members were hurrying about the corridors of the Enterprise like their tail was on fire.

    The secret of the Next Gen holodeck was that is had far fewer jazz cabarets programmed into than Principal’s offices.

    1. Ah yes- but such a holodeck program would only be worthwhile with the safety protocols off, which seems like an offense in itself. What a viscous cycle!

  2. Perhaps but then even in real life you need safety protocols on. It doesn’t mean a girl won’t hurt but it does mean she won’t be harmed.

    Two seemingly obscure crewmembers. He the quiet engineer who uses his holodeck time playing principal correcting errant students. She, the shy girl from stellarbiology, who programs herself as student during her time. They pass in the corridor without a hint. Clues ignored in the way she sits gingerly in Ten Forward, the mark flashed beneath her skirt. Then one day, the computer incorporates Data’s research into romance. The computer occupied with computing this thing called romance “accidently” merges the programs….It takes awhile before they realize the holodeck is only providing the scenery not the action. Even longer before either one tries to point this out to the other.

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