4 thoughts on “Safety First

  1. Safety is very important and if it takes a slap on the bottom to keep a girl from forgetting herself, then so be it. Self discipline is also important. If no one is around to help a girl work safely, then she just has to do it herself. Poor girl. Although, it is best her to put down the heavy object before administering the correction. The object may also be a convenient place for her to place her hands or to bend over while the safety lesson is ongoing.

    1. How lucky we are to have people like you to look after our safety! I agree about putting things down first. Although I’m not quite decided on the “what to wear to a spanking” question, steel toed boots are definitely out.

      1. Oh, I don’t know. Safety in trades is very important. An ill-disciplined girl on a job site could terribly injure herself or others. Not to mention, cost thousands of dollars to equipment and the project.

        Seems like it could be efficient to haul the girl into the site trailer and imprint the safety procedures, jeans down, with a well-oiled tool belt that’s seen quite a few projects to completion. Her steel-toe boot pinned to the floor by his foot so she doesn’t toss the blueprints about making a fuss. Then back to work, her safety googles shielding the redness of her eyes, her hardhat cover her tousled hair. The only evidence of her “training” session a new found commitment, some might say obsession, with following all safety rules.

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