Hats off for Spanking

image from Of Discipline and Love
image from Of Discipline and Love

Seriously. A girl can hardly be expected to keep her panties around her ankles throughout a spanking without kicking them across the room, much less endure such attention attired in this manner. It just seems like asking for trouble.

Perhaps that’s the point?

7 thoughts on “Hats off for Spanking

    1. If “focus” is really just “top-speak for an impossible task set as a flimsy excuse to spank a poor girl more,” then yes, I’d be inclined to agree. πŸ˜‰

    2. I’m not sure I’m ok with the whole “focus on keeping this hat on because thou shalt not enter sub space” thing. She doesn’t look like she’s ok with it either.

  1. Why does one get dressed up for church or court? It is to show proper respect to those in a greater position than thou. So why shouldn’t this naughty girl be properly dressed for her punishment?

    Of course, Kia is probably right and the hat is just an impossible task created to increase the girl’s distress; first emotionally and then physically. πŸ™‚

  2. I’m more against the need for her to hold herself up on her arms. Seems like an unnecessary diversion of the connection between her bottom and her brain. Let the poor girl rest her head or shoulders upon something so her complete attention is on the misery being induced by the well-administered spanking.

    Perhaps in this instance the hat, snugly pulled down is of use to keep her hair from hiding her face from the assembled students witnessing her chastisement? Otherwise, I would suggest a hook outside the office door for girls brought in for correction to hang their hats while their lessons are underway.

  3. jenniferann- I completely agree- I can think of a number of better places for my focus!

    otkipling- I think I have a nice, striped, stocking cap somewhere. . .would that count as showing respect? (and while I’m looking I’ll be sure to round up a few hairpins- two can play at that game!)

    Nikolai- I’m very happy you’re so concerned about our comfort. πŸ˜‰ I’m not sure a hat would be of much use in keeping my hair in check, but I think you’re on to something with that hook idea. . .

  4. I think you missed a very valid point of view here. This *girl* seems well past the still attending school girl she superficially appears to be, so attired. What if *mama* is teaching her a lesson and showing her she Not too big to have her knickers lowered and put across a knee?! There is nothing more humbling and supportive to the principle of being *taking down a peg or two* than to be dressed several years your junior and made to show the the world that if you behave like a *child*; you shall be treated accordingly.
    Mother may even decide to take her in hand and go shopping with her, displaying several well placed hand prints below the outgrown uniform dress. Imagine the embarrassment of having to rub a still stinging backside or having to take a scolding in public for not cooperating or being sullen. And you know how people love to put their two pence of opinion and start a discussion of the lack of discipline in today’s youth. *Mother* will assure everyone in earshot that, that is not the case in her home, as she describes what you got before being made to accompany you shopping. As you hope you don’t run into any of your friends or coworkers!

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