Where is She Going with That?

image from Discipline Matters
image from Discipline Matters

No, not the cane- it’s obvious what’s going on there. I’m more curious about the mug.  What is that for? Will she have to wait as he drinks, anxious to get the punishment over with but forced to contemplate the impending punishment until he sees fit to deal with her?

Or is she trying to appease him with his favorite beverage, hoping to gain a bit of leniency (though I do hope it did not take too long to prepare- that plan could easily backfire amid accusations of attempts to delay justice).

Or is it just a vessel for a burning concoction with a more sinister purpose?

If this were me, the heels, the steps, and the lack of lid would make it fairly obvious that this is clearly the second try to make this delivery, this time without the clothing that was moistened after the first failed attempt and post-reprimand of how one should be patient and careful when carrying hot liquids. Of course there is a stronger reminder still to come, though that’s assuming I could actually make it up this time. The nerves definitely wouldn’t help matters this time around.

5 thoughts on “Where is She Going with That?

  1. I didn’t even notice the cane until you pointed it out. Carrying the mug with that outfit was what got my attention. High heels, bra & panties and a coffee mug; sounds like someone wants a good start to their day. Add the cane and I’d say a poor start, instead.

  2. It’s quite obvious that the need to rehydrate is anticipated at some point in the coming proceedings. Simple health and safety for a girl who will soon expend a lot of tears.

    Obviously, this isn’t her first rodeo.

  3. otkipling- yes, the cane is so easily overlooked. Let’s just continue to overlook it and get on with our day shall we?

    Nikolai- yes, hydration is very important. All the more reason to not make her cry. Surely just the threat alone would provide sufficient motivation for her to drink the recommended amount of water each day. I say this because, on reflection, surely the cup contains only water- no one in their right mind would provide one’s partner with both a cane and caffeine 😉

  4. I like naughty woman who wear girdles, and panty girdles before I remove them to bare their bottoms before I cane them. They look very sexy and erotic on them, and always a pleasurable task to remove them.

  5. In this episode of *The Worlds Strictest Parents*, two difficult teens are sent to Mrs. Grayton, a single mother who has raised three very obedient daughters. After the opening scenes with the filming crew there, Mrs. Grayton greets her two wards and seeing they are not over anxious to comply with her rules sends them to their rooms and tells them she will talk to them individually when she prepares them for bed after the film crew leaves. The next morning finds two well behaved teens doing everything that is asked of them even though they are reluctant to comply when told to sit down for breakfast. They do of course but with much effort. In front of the camera Mrs. Grayton goes over everything she expects of them and when she suspects a hint of resistance she merely says of course we can always have another lengthy *Private* discussion before I put you to bed; unless of course you would prefer it be On Camera. The horrified looks she gets tells her she will be having no trouble with these two.

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