5 thoughts on “Trick or Treat

  1. He’s got ideas. She’s got concerns. The wiener dog however, he knows what he wants.

    The perils of trick or treating an Admiralty history professor dressed as a pirate.

    Any nation may deal with (try or punish) a person designated “hostis humani generis” as they see fit.

  2. otkipling- good point. Though she may disagree at the time!

    Nikolai- certainly innocent (though maybe not-so-little) trick-or-treaters wouldn’t be subjected to anything cruel or unusual. 😉 (But thanks for the vocabulary/legal history lesson- that concept may show up here again someday.)

  3. “My -my, so you’re a pirate”. “Where are your buccaneers”?
    “Under me bukin hat”!

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