6 thoughts on “Preservation

  1. LOL. That reminds me of the anecdote I heard about a miscreant who had her bum heated up with a hairbrush, then her pelvis region was wrapped in plastic wrap, and she was put in a pencil skirt and took on the errands she originally protested doing.

      1. Probably. A friend of mine has used this seaweed wrap coated in plastic to improve her figure. I don’t know how well it would work without the special seaweed though.

  2. Her assertion had been bold, to be sure
    That no bit of stretchy plastic could hold her secure
    To the contrary she would not believe
    So a demonstration he did conceive
    He wrapped her quite snugly she must confess
    How, she wondered, will it hold when under stress
    That’s when he took up that strap to his hand
    Futilely, she struggled against those thin plastic bands
    She now understood thin-film engineering
    Although the lesson had been quite searing
    Left to ponder the results of the high-stress test
    She decided in the future and open mind would be best

  3. Michael- now where would you get an idea like that? 😀

    Nikolai- um. . .wow. . . 🙂 I don’t remember that particular stress-test from my materials classes, though I’d bet lecture attendance would have been higher if such things were on the curriculum!

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