9 thoughts on “Flexibility

      1. Limits are to be tested, otherwise they’d just be restraints.

        Sometimes those limits are stretched by going further. Sometimes simply by going to a known place by a different path.

      2. And in the case of athletics, if you reach your current limit enough times, you will expand your abilities beyond your current limits.

        I guess that is true for more than just athletics…

      3. Nikolai and otkipling- You’ve hit on one of the aspects of this lifestyle that holds the most appeal for me. Sometimes it just takes a bit (or a lot) of prompting to test those limits, and it takes a very special kind of person to know how to do this.

        I also wanted to tell you that I love how these shorter posts tend to spin off into discussions far more interesting than the original post!

      4. LOL. It’s all the picture. It’s worth a thousand words and you barely provide 100 so we feel obliged to fill in the rest. πŸ™‚

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