5 thoughts on “Tanning

  1. They are really doing her a big favor. How else do you expect her to get ride of such obvious tan lines? Go lay in that evil cancer causing sun for a few hours without her bikini bottoms on?

      1. How isn’t it a good thing? Her tan line is removed and she doesn’t get exposed to those cancer causing sun rays. Seems like a Win-Win to me. 🙂

  2. Julie, in her junior year at the university was told by her mother that she would not be going to nor attending any of the *spring break* festivities or *rites* as the kids referred to them due to a steep downturn in grades. When the argument reached a fevered pitch her mother answered her daughters *declaration of independence* and pronouncement that she was an “adult” now and didn’t need her mother’s permission anymore, by threatening “to make her the sorriest little girl in the world”! And to be more specific that on her way back to school and well into her first week of classes, she would have a hard time sitting comfortably if she continued with “That Attitude”
    It was enough to close debate as Julie *remembered* past maternal warnings and the rather painful *results* – But, she had no intention of missing the *mandatory* *Partaase* and she was adamant in her belief that she was now an adult and adults just didn’t get Spanked and she had remained *spank free* for so many years now. So her mother’s threat must be somewhat hollow, her college educated mind deduced – A logical syllogism she thought but empirical evidence still weighed heavy and gave her knots in her stomach. She would risk it and promise to work harder and finish this year respectably.
    How could she have so misjudged her mother’s resolve, she bemoaned. A regret that would repeat itself in haunting iteration for the *uncomfortable week her mother forecast for her. Upon her return from Mexico the partied out miscreant was given a very warm reception and a deepening to the tan she displayed. She would not have a *patch* of white on her bottom to be proudly parade in the dorm communal shower, showing everyone that she knew how to *loosen up*. No instead she carried the results of two severe maternal strappings and a final over the knee spanking to drive the lesson home that she was definitely “not too old” to indeed warrant and get a well deserved and neglected spanking.
    And about that promise to get her grades up, that would pacify her mother? Her mother gave her a little incentive to indeed try harder; with the promise that, “she would again be the sorriest little girl in the world” and she would not want to show her summer *tan* in public.

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