3 thoughts on “Holiday Kisses

  1. No longer thinks being relegated to the kids’ table to be the most embarrassing thing that can happen at Christmas dinner.

    1. Excellent direction to a spanking fantasy.
      Amanda has joined the family for Christmas at mother’s house. She has two degrees and is well on her way to a successful career.The now sophisticated urbanite is in her glory coming home dressed in the latest fashion looking and feeling every bit the the superior “adult” she has become through her hard work and diligence.
      The entire family is gathered before the feast in the spacious living room and adjoining den when the *good – natured* teasing gets a little out of hand and a bit vituperative. Mother, the matriarch, who has always been *heavy handed* calls and immediate cessation to the proceedings and orders the “children” to tone it down. Every does of course save Amanda who tries to get in her *last licks*. A more direct approach by mother who warns her middle child that she’s not too big to be put across her knee and made to behave. This of course has the effect of embarrassing Amanda as the hoots of *oohh* from her siblings antagonizes the now adult who challenges her mother with a brash and haughty , “I guess you don’t realize that I’m no longer that child that can be threatened with a spanking Mother”! It was the last complete sentence she uttered before she was snatched by the ear and lead away by her mother who said, “Excuse us we’re going to have a little discussion about respect, manners and obedience in this house”! “It seems we have a little girl who has forgotten her place and how to behave in company. A frightened Amanda just started apologizing and following her ear.
      The house was silent except for the mother’s loud reprimand heard through the slammed door. Then there came the sound of contrite apologies and then begging . The next sounds that channeled out were loud reports that sounded like pistol shots going off. This was followed by urgent cries, wails and tearful begging and promises “to be good”. There was no mistake as to what was going on as the assembled family winced in memory. More *discussion* was heard followed by *shots* and even more urgent screams.
      The door to her bedroom was open and closed again and the matriarch left to go upstairs as sobbing drifted out of the closed room. Her mother returned to her bedroom with a bundle of clothes and shut the door again. Pleading and renewed crying was heard and after a few more *pistol shots* mother emerged form the room with what looked like a chastened schoolgirl in hand.
      The former sophisticate cum schoolgirl was led to a prominent corner of the den and told to “show everyone what happens to ill mannered, disobedient little girls”. She was made to hike up her uniform skirt and display her well spanked backside encased in tight school girl knickers to all the guests and family. She was told to remain there until dinner which would be in an hour and return before dessert was served for the remainder of the evening (which would be abbreviated for her as she was to be put to bed early. And if she knew what was good for her she would not attempt to show her any attitude. It was a superfluous order as the former haughty adult was gone along with any trace of her high fashion wear – both outer and under.
      A totally defeated Amanda quietly whispered, “Yes Ma’am” and tried to control her sobbing, isolated in the midst of the assembled crowd.

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