5 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Done properly, the spanking should be anti-climatic. A release to be welcomed instead of an imposition to be endured. In such a state, the lightest spanking can be more disciplining than the most terrible beating.

  2. Waiting is the worst part until the actual spanking takes place, that is. Then you just want that part to end usually sooner than the spanker *Feels like* ceasing the punishment and is willing to release you . But The real agony I found was corner time. Especially when it was used by a woman who knew how to to *torture*. I’m not kidding try spending a whole Saturday or Sunday with your nose buried in a corner being warned that the you’ll get a spanking or another one if you dared turn around or god forbid leave the corner without permission. Time stands still when you’re in isolation. If the the purpose of a punishment is to make you regret either doing something you were forbidden to do or not doing something that was *requested* of you than my vote goes to Corner Time

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