6 thoughts on “What He Doesn’t Know

  1. It might surprise a wife, that a husband knows all to well that she might be scowling, when she is put over her husband’s knee for a good spanking. Yes, the humiliation of a good spanking on her bare bottom, and a good spanking at that might improve her behavior in the future. Or he might cane her the next time on her naked derriere.

  2. Disgraceful! How dare any young lady object to being spanked by a gentleman who may have had cause to find fault with her. I am shocked and hope that after her spanking he proceeds to give her a caning.

  3. Sixofthebest- I’d prefer to go on thinking I can get away with it 🙂

    Sue Mary- I must remember to be on my very best behaviour around you! Wouldn’t want to give you any reason to prompt him to be more severe.

    Otkipling- so true 🙂

    1. Kia you should remember that many of my comments are written with my tongue firmly in one cheek…..!

      1. True, though I wouldn’t put it past you to try to get one in a bit more trouble should the opportunity arise 😉

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