5 thoughts on “Gloating?

  1. What about the third option; she was the spanker? Maybe Miss Contrite had lorded her superiority and maturity for too long and Miss Smug was just eagerly waiting for a mistake so she could enforce ALL of the terms of the roommate agreement.

  2. Perhaps she had been on the block and ordered to report for punishment. But at the last minute, was able to produce evidence that it was the other girl. Who summoned to answer still in uniform was summarily dealt with.

  3. otkipling- quite possibly. I had never considered that option! Must be my M/F bias showing. . .

    Nikolai- Another delicious story idea. Thanks!

    Paolo- I’m sure her turn will come soon enough 😉

  4. “Oh you’re definitely right they wouldn’t dare spank a big girl of nineteen in this school”. “You’ll be in that corner until lights out, I wonder what will ache more by the time you get ready for bed, your bottom or your knees”? “You do realize your panties are supposed to cover your bottom, so I do hope you either practice really good hygiene or you have a really effective shampoo”? “Gotta go now and tell the *other little kids* that you were very, very wrong in your assumption, you know the one where you said that you were an adult and adults don’t get spanked”.
    “By the way are thongs now allowed as part of the uniform and is that your idea on how to wear them”?

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