4 thoughts on “Trade-Off

  1. I have never understood why previously naughty ones wanted to sit down. Standing is perfectly acceptable. By trying to sit, it seems like they are just trying to prove they were not spanked long or hard enough any maybe need a refresher. Hmmmm, I just I don’t have much of a problem with it 🙂

      1. “Standing is supposed to be healthier” makes me think of the trend going through my office; standing desks. I’ve had to close the blinds on my office because of the heads randomly sticking up above the walls of the cube-farm were starting to freak me out.

  2. True it can be an act of defiance, showing your disciplinarian the threat of not being able to sit down was an idle one. But the almost comical nature you have to approach the act seemingly defeats the purpose of “I’ll show you” as you gingerly attempt the normal procedure in sitting down and squirm uncomfortably in your “defiant” posture.
    Them again what if your disciplinarian wants to “drive the lesson home” and requires that you sit and reflect on the reasons why your were punished in the first place.
    Anyway it appears that it is effective in bringing the miscreant down “a peg or two”.

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