5 thoughts on “Oh, It’s You

  1. The uniform had seemed like a bit of a lark when she’d arrived for the week of continuing education at her old school. Turns out, dressing like a school girl leads to feeling like a schoolgirl, which leads to acting like a schoolgirl. All very well and good until she reintroduced to her schoolgirl nemesis.

      1. I’ll admit that I did not see the photo as you did until seeing your comment. It then inspired me to the scenario.

        I like to think that inside every grown woman there is a girl that through situation or seduction is drawn out to play. Those that have been locked away the longest are usually the most fun, probably because they are behind on their spankings.

      2. Behind on their spankings, you say? Well isn’t that an intriguing idea. . . I best get caught up! 😉

  2. Always love the the incongruity scenarios of the “big” girl winding up back at school and mistaken for a student especially if she can pass as a schoolgirl.
    I have several stories just waiting for an appropriate “thousand word” to describe it. One of my favorite involves two sisters one a school girl attending a strict school where corporal punishment is thriving and rife. And the other in an intern program and is taking graduate courses at the local Uni. The younger sister somehow persuades her “young looking” older sister to help her get through some of standardized mandatory testing. They are both caught in the deception and ad a consequence the younger has to repeat one year as an alternative to expulsion and the “adult” sister in order to avoid having the college and work program find out or even getting jail time for her part of the misdemeanor is made to relive at least a semester as a schoolgirl. Their mother, realizing she has been way too lax in her daughters’ discipline at home, adopts a more low tolerant approach for the both of of them. And seeing her eldest likes the school uniform so much…

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