Statute of Limitations

image from Wholebean and I
image from Wholebean and I

Shudder the thought- the disciplinarian looking back through his records as the penitent trembles before him. What will he find? How many past indiscretions will be listed, proving that this is not an isolated incident as she claims?

But I would think it would be more appropriate it he just relied on his own memory. I mean, really, surely we should’t be judged on our actions of what looks to be something like ten years previously even assuming that the first page is from the current year.

15 thoughts on “Statute of Limitations

  1. Punishment clears the deck. No one should be punished on their record only what they have done now. If the culprit avoided punishment then the record can be used to determine the punishment but once punished all is forgiven

    1. Even the most well-behaved girl will forget herself and require a warm reminder. However, for a girl to be properly looked after, the underlying causes of her behavior must be sought. These causes are best identified by keeping records to be examined for patterns. Those patterns may reveal the need for an entirely new approach to taking the girl in hand.

      Not to mention, the girl contemplating the repeating offenses listed in the book can be a far better scolding than him listing them out as she rolls her eyes.

      1. Yikes. That’s evil. Effective, no doubt, but evil.

        Yes, I’m still going with the clean-slate approach. . .

      2. And while you are hiding, drinking your wine, what will be in your thoughts as you hear your name called and the sounds of searching?

        Might your past offense not loom large in your mind?

      3. Respect is not the same as fear. Earn the respect and who knows the wine may seem less tempting

  2. Love the stories where retribution is delayed – sometimes for many years. The miscreant is either *convinced* or *coerced* into expiation of a past sin/sins. How bad can it be, She thought. I was terrified as a young girl but now I’m an adult. Reality has a way of *biting you in the butt*!
    And as far as *looking back* on past discretion’s; how else should one judge the effectiveness of the deterrent?

  3. Relying on memory doesn’t work so well if he has an eidetic memory.

    I do though have to agree with you and suemary about the clean slate approach. You should never be punished for offenses which have already been completed. Rehashing old issues destroys the forgiveness aspect.

  4. Kipling- I always thought memory was overrated (though my usual arguement that a notepad works just as well doesn’t seem to support my case in this particular instance).

    Suemary- I’ll be waiting for you with a lovely Rioja (you know where ;)). Still tempting. . .even with other things competing for attention!

    Nikolai- We shall see. We’ll discuss, and may well invite you into our secret place for a glass or two- provided there’s any left.

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