3 thoughts on “Heavy-Handedness

  1. And yet, if simply placed within a girl’s view, it is unlikely she’ll have the ability not to stare at “the thing”.

  2. Is it worse than being told to “cut me a switch” or gathering *suitable* limbs/branches and having to fashion your own *birch*? (Sort of like building your own gallows or being made to dig your own grave). I heard there was a certain parent of conservative principles, who left the miscreant laying bare bottomed on a bed with his or her *middle* elevated with a paddle balanced across his or her exposed backside to think about what he or she had done to warrant the coming correction. The psychosomatic heat that *built up* waiting for the parent’s return, adds greatly to the punishment aspect of the *main event*.
    When corner time is waiting time the *need* for a sacramental may be superfluous or out right redundant. It leaves the miscreant screaming inside his or her own head to “let’s get this over with” and as the time approaches we hear, “No – Wait, I’ll be good, I Promise”, “Give me one more chance”!

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