5 thoughts on “Ambush

  1. This hardly looks like an ambush. No surprise in her eyes. I suspect she was sent to to hydrate her skin before receiving her comeuppance. The warm water flowing over her bare skin had taken her away. But now, as she returns to him, her mind is becoming very focused. Soon even her modesty will fall away as she is consumed by one intensely burning thought.

  2. That is a nasty looking birch rod and excessive for 99.99% of situations. Shame on him.

    1. Perhaps the bunch is really just for presentation. They are all tied up with a bow like a gift. He may only select the best switch to impart the lesson. Perhaps they’ll be take up in sequence? Should she complain she feels cheated after her expectations, he can always take up the rest to bring her to full.

      But I do like the presentation. The girl can’t help but leap to sorrowful conclusions.

  3. Nikolai- I think fear may have overridden the surprise, though, as you say, both emotions likely won’t last for long.

    Sue Mary- here’s hoping he’s wise and she’s part of the 0.001% (poor girl)

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