6 thoughts on “What to do?

  1. If he’s your husband or boyfriend who is doing the spanking you could use your hands to take off your top to maybe get him interested in doing something else. If he isn’t someone to have sex with you could use your hands to put together to pray for a mild Spanking.

  2. The girl in the picture is doing exactly right. This is a test of her submission. Having no direction as to her hand, no restrictions to their movement, knowing she’ll be rebuked if she grabs at her panties, she keeps her hands out of the way. It feels silly, she must fight to urge to “do something”, she must release control to the moment and simply let it happen.

    It is not easy for a woman, which is why in that moment of unbearable tension, the woman fades and the girl emerges.

  3. Tony- hrm. . .a few excellent ideas!

    Nikolai- probably true, as usual with your observations, though also a strange mixture of chilling and comforting (something else you seem to excel at invoking)

    Sue Mary- I wonder why? 😉

  4. Thinking of this picture along with the following post on independence, I can’t help but wonder about the girl’s submission of we reverse the action. That is, instead of the panties being taken down, we’ve caught the action shortly after she’s been led to step into them and they are being pulled into place?

    1. Fascinating- hadn’t noticed that as I was queuing things up. Now that I think about it, Sir usually performs that task himself as well. As with all such little things, is is difficult to accept assistance. Perhaps that’s the point.

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