8 thoughts on “Everything in its place

  1. Mayhaps. I’ve always been a proponent of the basement or office for the hard wooden things. She, on the other hand, prefers (if that’s the right word) the bed since one thing typically leads to another…..

  2. Should a girl really want to avoid her well-deserved punishment? Such a difficult question

  3. Taken to into the bedroom, her shorts removed and placed on the bed for a time out. The brush in hand for the lecture, then “absentmindedly” left on the bed to focus her thoughts.

    Always time for a more direct lesson after her “thinking” time if needed.

  4. Nikolai- such absentmindness from the other side would earn a spanking. Perhaps the reverse is true here and she should be let off.

    Sue Mary- wanting to avoid is perfectly fine. Succeeding is another matter entirely.

    HotBottoms- Hadn’t thought of that. Perhaps I’ll try next time- keeping the end in mind and all 😉

    1. Precisely why I put “absentmindedly” in quotes. For all the appearance of being an error, the placement of the brush was anything but unintentional.

      The brush, on the bed, barely an arms-legnth away, has a presence and potential far greater than if it had been place on a dresser or even the night stand. For one thing, she knows it will be moved, soon, not left to gather dust.

      1. Do you think the quotes thing would work as an excuse the other way around? Worth a try next time, I think!

        Also nothing wrong with a bit of dust. Gives a thing character, builds the immune system. . .

      2. Sure, but make sure you use the air quotes when you say it. That’ll make sure you aren’t misunderstood.

        Nothing wrong with raising a high-gloss shine either, clears the tear ducts.

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