5 thoughts on “It can always get worse

  1. Shame on you. Corner time should be welcomed as a time for self evaluation and refelction

  2. She has a woman’s body, wears a woman’s lingerie, but reflected in the mirror all she sees is the girl that controls her mind.

  3. Having experienced both corner time and spent many hours (probably, in toto) looking at the sad face in the mirror (usually after checking out a sore backside that looked like it belonged to someone else), I can say with a degree of subjective authority, extended isolation with little other stimulation was the *real* punishment.
    The mirror allowed you to *travel* inside, through the reflected eyes or at least it expanded the confined space. Though embarrassment at seeing oneself in disgrace was not without its punishment value either.
    I must add that when I speak of *extended* corner time, I’m referring to extremes of many hours (that normally interprets minutes as eternities).

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