6 thoughts on “The Woodshed

  1. Well, it’s either risk the jumble or drop her knicker in the middle of the garden for all to see. A devil’s choice.

    Or perhaps tidying up was her Saturday job, but chose other distractions till her deadline passed. Now, she’ll have a fire lit under her to get the job done. And if that doesn’t work, stoke up that fire and tack those shorts and pants on the outside of the door where she can recover them when she’s completed her task.

      1. Unless there is a family gathering going on. Then even muffled cries behind a closed bedroom door may be more than she wishes to offer. Or perhaps there is an infant in the house sleeping?

        And, of course, this could be a borrowed groundskeeper shed at the local park or arboretum? Perhaps we have the groundskeeper viewpoint?

      2. The sleeping infant may be a valid excuse, though muffled cries aren’t much worse than the overhead order out to the shed.

        And the groundskeeper’s view?

      3. If a groundskeepter has to loan out his shed for a girl’s discipline, he should keep an eye on the proceedings to ensure there is no tripping or knocking over of things. Health and safety as they say.

      4. If he were truly interested in her safety, he could tidy up a bit. Then he should make himself scarce. For her mental health, you understand.

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