7 thoughts on “A Corner with a View

  1. Soft sofa, pleasant view…someone is staring too early on the kindness…finish the punishment and then console

  2. That looks like one very sore and welted and beautiful bottom. She must have been very naughty to get a spanking like that.

  3. Well Tony someone doesn’t think it finished since she is facing out of the window with her hands on her head (neck). That strongly suggests to me a poor excuse for corner time.

  4. I wonder who she is looking out for? Perhaps here DD, who will not be pleased that her rebellion required her tutor to impose such a thorough lesson. Perhaps she worries he’ll want to get his stripes in as well? Perhaps just with his hand over knee like the naughty girl she’d been to enliven the outline laid down by the tutor?

  5. Sue and Tony- can we agree that she at least deserves a bit of a break? Perhaps a less restrictive corner time to make up for the welts that will last for quite some time.

    Nikolai- chilling, as always (though I doubt she’ll be cold for long)

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