7 thoughts on “Pouting

    1. Might be. This could be the look when her Top comes in singing:

      “Come and listen to her bottom as its turned bright red
      Soon she’ll be standing in the corner, feeling really sad
      For a while she’ll be have but though we don’t know when
      It won’t be long before its all done again

      Spanking that is
      Crimson globes
      The burning bottom”

  1. It is good for a girl to see a girl feeling sorry for her situation. It is better, later, to see her sorry for her behavior. One should never confuse the two.

  2. Glad to see you all here- even if I’ve been somewhat absent myself (normal service to resume in about a week’s time).

    Sue- The two aren’t mutually exclusive are they?
    Jennifer- me too. . .
    Nikolai- Beautiful, as always. 🙂

  3. No not mutually exclusive but to my eyes she doesn’t look like she is pouting but I suppose it depends on how you define it. Anyway I am off on holiday now so unlikely to make any comments for a while…happy blogging.

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