4 thoughts on “Dangers of Texting

  1. This is quite normal teenage behaviour. A spanking MAY be needed but lolling around texting is second only to breathing at that age. A spanking might be in order for those too short shorts or are they underwear…very hard to tell. Anyway what the heck she’ll deserve it for something. Where is that hairbrush Kia?

  2. He watched silently from the door. She’d probably regret texting that she was to be spanked when everyone saw how gingerly she sat tomorrow.

  3. Sue- what is this? Suggesting someone other than me get spanked? I’m all for that- I think I like this change 😉

    Nikolai- foolish girl. At least she should have a story to tell, albeit a painful one.

    1. I was saying she was lazing around texting which has nothing to do with spanking its is extremely common teenage behaviour. Eyes glued to a mobile is like breathing …pretty well. Those shorts or whatever they are another matter. Spank her for those and if not that she is bound to have done something LOL!

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