5 thoughts on “Coffee Coffee Coffee. . .

  1. We start each day with a cup of green tea…coffee has to wait until breakfast. As to that girl….I hope that coffee isn’t hot…LOL

  2. On presumes she let his coffee get cold. Or there’s a real risk of her ending up with a blistered bottom.

    I wonder. For a girl spanked in the morning, should she be permitted to take her coffee for her the corner? And what about warm ups?

  3. Nikolai- serving cold coffee. . .I’d say she deserves if if that be the case!

    Sue- I guess it depends. Receiving a spanking before coffee sounds horrific. Giving a spanking before coffee, though, might not be so bad- less energy to put into it and all- unless, of course, one is motivated by early-morning grouchiness!

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