5 thoughts on “Form and Function

    1. A beautiful picture of a backside is, at least partly, created by the frame. That belt looks quite unsuitable for a belt’s natural – TTWD natural – function. As it is not carrying out its vanilla role while the skirt is tastefully lowered, I’d say the purely decorative use is artistically and psychologically justified. I have several belts better suited to the other purpose 😉

      1. Psychologically justified would put a whole new interesting twist on the situation.

        I have to agree that the image is a great example of Justice Potter Stewart’s quote, “I know it when I see it,” with regards to pornography verse art. Only the most prudish would decry the picture for anything but the art it is.

  1. I was distracted by the amateur error of having her take off the skirt. That material, much like skirts made of denim, would collected at her waist, makes an excellent “redneck handle.”

    And a girl who’d wear a skirt made from BDU trousers, is probably one you really need to get a handle on if you expect to gain her respect.

  2. OT Kipling- the rest of the world sometimes has strange ideas about such things, don’t they?

    Giles- Lovely to see you again! Somehow, I’m not the least surprised at your “collection.” 😉

    Nikolai- I must be very careful to avoid such garments around you- I have no doubt you’ve plenty of other ways of keeping a lady under control, no need to feed you new ones!

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