4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Cheers, Kia, and a Very Happy and Creative New Year to you 🙂
    ( that’s not too profound, I hope, sue mary 😉 How’s your head today? )

  2. Sue- Ah, yes. The grape is the most seductive of temptresses. (Un?)Fortunately, she passed me by this year as I’ve been guzzling Lemsip instead. Hoping you celebrated for both of us!

    Giles- Happy New Year to you as well! I’m sure Sue appreciates the concern. And yes, it is starting off in a creative way. (really the only thing one can do when stuck in bed)

  3. Heavy Giles heavy…thanks for asking.
    Kia…yuck Lemisip..add some grain to it for goodness sake.

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