The First Picture


Cleaning off an old hard drive, I stumbled across the first spanking picture I had ever saved.  I remember being terrified about someone stumbling across it, even though friends using my old, clunky computer was a very rare occasion.  I’d hidden it so thoroughly, I’d forgotten it was there,  and so it was quite surprising to see it surface.

I still find myself attracted to the image, though I don’t understand why. Perhaps its the anonymity of the hidden faces and rough sketch, perhaps it’s the public nature of the punishment, or perhaps the rough, impromptu feel of the scene. In any event, I am glad to have found it again.

3 thoughts on “The First Picture

  1. It has many elements that make it attractive. Implied is that it is corrective discipline…some sort of inappropriate behaviour. Then it is moderate…clearly not a lengthy spanking and only with the hand. Witnesses, perhaps even the victims of the behaviour, add spice. A clever little drawing.

  2. Nice find – and thank you Sue Mary for that insight. I was struck by the subtle way the spankee’s body language is shown. Acceptance?

  3. Leave it to you all to have a better perspective on something so personal than I could manage on my own. One of the joys of blogging 🙂

    Sue- A clever little analysis as well 🙂 Thank you for putting words to something that I could not.

    Giles- I’d never considered the “acceptance” angle, but I find that it rings very true.

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