7 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Wear Heels

  1. Lovely image, particularly for the colour co-ordination.
    That colour would look good on the expected target area, too (although if a gentleman thought of exacting that price for a rescue, he should feel a bit of a heel!)

    1. Hi Giles-

      I suppose sometimes the price might be worth it. (Note to self: be sure to where white. . .or maybe light pink. . .panties if I ever choose to wear heels).

      Stories coming soon- January proved to be rather more busy than intended, and I’ve fallen a bit behind.

      1. The top’s idea of a colour to achieve has other reminders than the Nifty Shades of Red of your “scanties” (vintage word 🙂 ), A mental Pantone chart is always on call.

        Stories are a creative outlet for you and a present to your readers. I look forward to whatever you can conjure up but don’t feel you need to worry about delays.
        A passing thought – what do you think of raiding your LSF archive to put the occasional item before a fresh audience?

  2. I’ve known that to happen to some ladies Argentine tango dancing in flowing skirts but not as shown.

    I suppose it would be surprising way to hogtie a girl.

  3. Nikolai- Can’t say I’ve ever tried Argentine tango dancing (or any other kind of tango dancing), though last time I ventured out in heels I found myself in a similar predicament doing something far more challenging: walking down the street. 😉

    Giles- A girl has to do what she can by way or suggestion, though we all know that this is a losing battle.

    As for LSF– all but one of my stories there have been published here in a rougher form. I generally post a story here, then come back and edit a bit before submitting to LSF (something I’ve fallen rather far behind on). The one exception is “Home for the Holidays” which was written for the LSF Christmas fundraiser last year, and is available as part of the Christmas at Woodbridge Manor anthology, or for free on LSF.

    On that note, I’ve been considering creating a consolidated list of my stories (with summaries, tags, etc.- similar to the listings on LSF) to help with navigation. If this is something that you would find useful, the project can be expedited.

    1. I recommend Argentine Tango to submissive girls. While you don’t have to be submissive to enjoy or dance it well, the woman being present and responsive to the leader has high potential for a girl with submissive tendencies.

      1. Sounds very intriguing put that way. And I suppose, if things go poorly, he would be there to catch me. 😉

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