5 thoughts on “Kicking

  1. I think…only think mind…that I disagree. There is too much emphasis in our world on appearance at the cost of substance. Big business is good at that…the literature is glossy and the talk persuasive, the actual reality is often shoddy. If she deserve a paddling then surely she should be contrite and not bothered about how she looks?

    1. Sue- I can see where you’re coming from, and quite agree in some cases. Wouldn’t it be nice to have both though? To be truly contrite, yet maintain enough presence of mind to create an enticing aesthetic for one’s disciplinarian?

      1. Mmmm…interesting. Question: if the punishment is serious is there presence of mind enough to worry about appearance?

      2. I love how you’re willing to carry right on with a conversation even after my very belated replies. Makes me feel not quite so bad for neglecting my comments for so long. Then again, I guess people like us know how to value understanding and forgiveness! #

        Good question though. Definitely not enough presence of mind for any substantial length of time, but I’d think (or I’ve thought- at least a bit while in a rather compromising position) that from time to time one’s mind may wander to thoughts of gratitude toward one’s disciplinarian, during which instances something like this might be possible. However, if he knows what he’s doing, these won’t last long!

      3. LOL. I am used to getting in a car and having a younger member of the human race begin talking without any reference point but in fact referring to a lesson at school, a book, a conversation there weeks earlier… picking up on it is an art form

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