image from A Spanking Soon
image from A Spanking Soon

The sock on the doorknob was explainable enough. This, however, meant something different entirely. While she might have tried to claim that the two were interchangeable, the sounds emanating from the closed door seemed quite distinguishable. Both involved some sort of cries, though one came with a very distinct clapping sound.

6 thoughts on “Signs

    1. I believe Kia was referring to the tradition of a sock on the dorm room doorknob to warn off the roommate when entertaining.

      A pair of knickers might serve as the same, except for the tapping. As of someone not so gently slapping, slapping a behind beyond the chamber door.

      1. Nikolai- Nevermore!

        Sue- yes, as Nikolai tried to help explain, this was just my (apparently not-quite-successful) attempt at a joke

      2. Nevermore, nevermore, she promised each and every time
        Yet nary a fortnight went passing that the knickers on the doorknob
        Announced yet again a punishment being fitted to the crime.

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