image from Bright Girl OTK
image from Bright Girl OTK

When he’d told her to wait like that until he came back, she’d thought nothing of it.  After all, nude sunbathing was a perfectly plausible excuse for her condition.  She hadn’t anticipated him taking quite that long, however, and the outcropping that had provided a measure of privacy suddenly put her in the position of needing a new explanation.

4 thoughts on “Deniability

    1. Shadow Moon? (I’d hoped that was E L James’ source for her fan-fiction. Sadly, it was Twilight, which would be a bit late in the day for this story, unless the girl is very unlucky!)

  1. If anyone were rude enough to ask, she could say she was preparing herself for joining the nudist club where her new boy-friend (gym instructor? night-club bouncer?) was a keen member.

  2. Sue- Good point. Books can be quite engaging- to the point where things happening around us can go unnoticed.

    Giles- a keen nudist night-club bouncer? There has to be a good story in there somewhere. . .

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