8 thoughts on “Unwanted Assistance

  1. They’d found out she had had sex with a boy while babysitting her nephew. Now, she was the one who would be babysat. And that two weeks of freedom while her parents were traveling? Now would be spent under the thumb of her very angry sister to whom her dad was giving very specific instructions on how she was to be handled. Her only hope was that her sister didn’t get her husband involved. And the sex wasn’t even that good.

  2. I’m not being disrespectful of your scenario Nicolaikkaa which is a possibility. I am just curious why with punishment photos and stories everybody goes for sex, drugs and booze as the cause. Teenage girls can get into trouble in their families for really quite mundane causes and in a spanking family get spanked as a consequence. After all we have 18 year olds in paddling states being paddled for being late or dress code violations. In homes chores not done or curfews broken can exasperate parents to the point of punishment.

    1. Sue Mary,

      That is a rather involved philosophical question. But to my specific scenario, the “crime” came from a distant past TV special on a teenage after-school sex ring. One girl they interviewed related that story of babysitting, having a friend and a couple boys over, some drinking, the girls just wanting to do whatever the boys wanted, which was have sex. Not mentioned in my story was that her nephew got upset because he thought the boy was hurting her and that is what caused it all to blow up. My mind, being what it is, extended the story along corporal punishment lines.

      As for why sex, drugs and alcohol are such common offense, I would speculate it is due to their long cultural association with the “fallen” woman. To save a girl falling under such influences, the harshest punishments can be justified. It’s a bit more difficult even in a story to present a severe paddling for tardiness, dress code violations or not doing chores except when the punisher is presented as being abusive of their position.

      We live in less dramatic times, at least in modernity where the individual is respected. It makes for somewhat boring literature and rough times finding “non-consensual” scenarios for spankings that are abuse and victimization. So the old standbys, sex, drugs and alcohol are trotted out. I wasn’t so long ago, you could us rock ‘n roll, see the movies ‘Girls just wanna have fun’, ‘Footloose’, a reason for smacking a girl’s bottom. The strict religious is also a scenario. As is the “fallen” woman, call girl, stripper, etc., who is “outside” the protection of the law in a manner, plus skimpy clothing is used.

      This is a bit off the cuff so perhaps isn’t as coherent as it should be, but it is my first smack at sorting the question out.

      1. Thank you Nikolaikaa for your thoughtful and courteous reply. Some men would have been patronising and dismissive in their reply and I honestly half thought that would be what I got back. I steeled myself to keep my hot temper under control and be mild but I had no need. I now have some 46 stories on CF Publications plus several very long series. There are also some 500,00 words of stories on LSF free site plus 6 novellas on Kindle as published by LSF Publications. Not one has drugs or sex as the reason for a spanking although a few do have a drink issue. Since they seem to be popular I can only assume that my more mundane reasons go down OK. I wonder if like so much in publishing and film making there is an assumption that more mundane won’t work. American TV producers assume that sub-titles won’t work in the US and that more complex plots must be simplified for their audience. I doubt that is really true. Anyway this is only my opinion and I thank you for reading it.

      2. Sue Mary,

        I’m pleased I was able to subvert your expectations. I have to admit, I don’t see why someone would be patronizing or dismissive due that question.

        Just yesterday, I was reading a blog post discussing the needs of drama vs. the needs of culture contrasting that stories to pass on culture are often mundane compared to that used to entertain. The author, also, pointed out that a talented writer can create drama from mundane situations whereas the less talented stick with the tried and true taboo topics, such as sex, alcohol and drugs.

        My own preference is for sex, alcohol, and drugs if necessary, when used, to be a catalyst for some behavior that creates a guilty conscious in the girl and explaining why an essentially adult woman surrenders to corporal punishment. Guilt can be sparked in other ways but often requires more lead-in.

      3. A most interesting answer and I do so agree why any adult woman agrees to CP needs a strong explanation. Thank you

  3. Sue and Nikolai- I saw these comments come through forever ago, and got slightly nervous at the sheer volume of words before I had time to sit and read this through properly. I should have known, seeing as it is you, that it would be an intelligent and respectful debate. Thank you very much for sharing your views- I had been bemused before at how frequently the sex-drugs-booze themes show up in spanking fiction, but had never thought through the issue in this depth.

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