7 thoughts on “Chill

  1. Nicely put. I developed my thoughts without seeing that you ‘d already commented but I’ll let Kia have my long-winded version anyway .

    1. I love your so called ‘long-winded’ reply. I do hope Kia doesn’t take done the mistype it is such fun.

  2. “The thought of an impending bitching…”. Enjoyable mis-type! Either this is an F/F relationship or it was her earlier bitching that got her in trouble!

    Now you can consider the voice of someone you respect saying “That carelessness will cost you, young lady”. 😉

    (I hope you don’t make my comment incomprehensible by removing your slip.)

  3. As much as I’d like to correct this (you should see my twitching as I write this), I suppose I’m not one to ruin all this fun. This is about acknowledging imperfection after all 😉

  4. Quite right. It would not be wise for a young lady to wander about on uneven ground with her trousers in such a state. If she is to collect the switches, then the trousers should have been removed before sending her out.

    However, it is quite the common occurrence that a young lady will prove to be a poor hiking companion. Often complaints and bitching despoils the tranquility. In such cases, a short side trip off the trail is often very effective in altering the mood. There, her trousers lowered to inhibit a panicked dash and resulting disorientation in unfamiliar territory, she can enjoy the view across the hollow while suitable switches are sought out without adverse environmental impact. Well, until the growing bundle across her arms becomes the focus of her world.

    1. Plausible, perhaps, though I feel the need to point out that v would also certainly despoil the tranquillity, as you say 😉

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