9 thoughts on “Early Escape

  1. I can’t imagine my ever loving leaving a nude woman in the corner like that. I’m quite sure his priorities would change immediately.

    1. The he’s a poor top indeed. She has a long time coming in that corner. She must learn that regardless of the enticements of her feminine pleasures, he has the discipline to remain “hands off” until those pleasures are no longer useful as a weapon in the battle of wills.

      Now a few smacks on her behind and a hands-on return of her nose and toes to the wall are in order.

      1. Sue Mary,

        I must offer my apologies. When I read your comment, I skipped right over that you were talking about a specific person. Perhaps it doesn’t reflect much better on me, but my “poor top” comment was aimed at the generic top.

        Please let me replace that first sentence with: “I believe a top should have a strong resistance to temptation.”

      2. Oh dear it is me that should apologise. I’m afraid a stressful day and my hot temper got the better of me. I formally apologise to both you Kia and you Nickolikaa . I made a throw away remark based on what I can see in my head which is our practice of corner time (done rather differently). Knowing my husband’s vigour a temptress posing like that girl would create exactly the reaction she is seeking. However, he isn’t a ‘top’ in the sense you would mean it. I am so sorry I spoilt the tone of this blog. I shall now retreat with a very red face.

      3. Sue- No worries 🙂 If that’s a hot temper, you are very mild mannered indeed (or else are able to filter things well through writing). In any event, you have not spoilt any tone- both Nikolai and yourself have invested a great deal of positive energy in your numerous comments here, and it would take a great deal more to undo all of that. Besides- if people like us were unable to cope with an occasional bad mood, this thing we do wouldn’t be nearly as fun or effective.

        I am grateful for the anecdotes you share about your relationship with your husband. I feel that you two work briliantly together, and appreciate your insights. As I have almost no experience with spanking and submission, most of what I write here is conjecture; I appreciate feedback based on how these fantasies can sometimes work in a real relationship.

  2. I’m sure no criticism was intended.

    It’s all about context, isn’t it? A good dom, in serious discipline mode, would surely not allow himself to be distracted by such antics and would respond accordingly. Likewise a good sub, good-natured and well-timed bratting aside, would not try such a thing in those circumstances. In more light-hearted times, both would enjoy a great deal more freedom and fun in their choices and reactions.

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