5 thoughts on “As Intended

  1. She’s clearly a very good girl because he is able to hold her legs up and together with just one hand. Trust me he couldn’t do that with me.

    1. Really? That far along with the paddle’s application to her sit spot. I would think a point would be reached where cooperation would be the best strategy for the girl?

      Of all the ways she could have been spanked, this one seems to be the one that will be remembered the most strongly when she sits for the next week or so.

      1. I must be judging her by my own attitudes and standards. I really must learn to be more objective.

  2. Are you sure that piece of furniture isn’t being used as intended? Perhaps not it’s primary purpose but it utilitarian purpose. Obviously, this girl, after having her jeans pulled down, decided to sit down firmly in protest. On most sofas, this would mean yanking her up on her feet to apply the paddle. However, on this sofa, with no handholds to offer the girl leverage or cushions to slip between and a smooth slick surface seems tailor made for this use. Just sweep up her legs pulling her down to the end as her ankles are held and lifted. And there you go, a low arm, sloping back leaving nothing to obstruct the paddle.

    Just goes to show you, no matter how modern the decor, old fashioned is the way to discipline a young lady.

  3. Sue- I suppose it all boils down to priorities, doesn’t it? How much she places emphasis on explaining clearly and calmly her preference for a more dignified position (is there such a thing?), and his willingness to very gently teach her the consequences of disobedience.

    Nikolai- Now I’m beginning to rethink my idea of using a sleek modern decorating concept. . ..

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