5 thoughts on “Frazzled

  1. Flop down on something soft and wait for it to pass! Yeah right! You do know it’s the Easter holidays, raining and the kids are at home right? You do know the GCSE exams are less than 2 months away right? You do know that 8 year olds are VERY lively right? Getting spanked would be a welcome relief if only the kids were magically conveyed to a South Sea Island.

  2. As Sue Mary relates, sometimes waiting out the storm is just not an option. The flooding would get you in the end.

    A girl in such a state needs a reset. Perhaps as you hint in your second method. Perhaps, if only with a startle, such as declaring to her that you shall spank her later. This disrupts the mind and hopefully it will settle into a more benign rhythm after the shock.

    It depends on the girl, but often a “scrub up” will reset her. Not a bath or a “Calgon take me away” but plopped in a tub and scrubbed with a medium soft brush, stem to stern, nooks and crannies. Something about the utilitarian nature of the chore startles her mind. Of course, a hovering hand ready to encourage cooperations by firm application to a wet bottom may explain part of it.

    Perhaps, the young lady in the photo is watching him start the water in the tub before he returns to strip off her shirt and bra?

  3. Sue- Maybe the waiting part was wishful thinking. Flopping, however, I stand by as a tried-and-true coping mechanism. Provided one’s bed is suitably sturdy. On a completely unrelated note, I’m now off to the hardware store.

    Nikolai- And here I was thinking that a bath was supposed to be a gentle, relaxing activity. Then again, while I’ve never much taken to traditional baths (feels too lazy, and just makes me want to go properly swimming), what you describe could work very well as a cleansing of the mind and body.

    Sofia- Thank you very much! Unfortunately I may have to pass at the moment- this post is rather true-to-life for the time being. I love the questions you posed though, and may need to answer them when I have some time to think.

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