7 thoughts on “Peek-A-Boo

  1. I don’t know who summoned her or why but honestly is anyone surprised? High heels, make up and huge hoop earrings! I know not one single school around here that would tolerate that though there would be no cane hanging behind the door. Oh groan listen to me….I must be getting old . Sob

  2. The school “uniform” made her feel naughty. The makeup, earrings and heels made her feel sophisticated, sexy. But opening the door had made her feel uncertain.

    He knew that when she turned to close the door and was confronted by the cane, she would feel very small and vulnerable.

    Soon she would exit, face freshly scrubbed, earrings, heels and lacy knickers confiscated. Consigned to a gymslip, canvas shoes and regulation knickers on size to small stretched across fresh stripes adorning her cheeks. It would be several days before she regained her balance. In the meantime, her education, in the strict terms of discipline of the intellect, the establishment of principles and regulation of the heart, would be started in earnest.

    A long weekend can have several meanings to a girl.

      1. Quite true, I don’t “know”. I suppose I would have to get to the bottom of the matter at the first opportunity. In strict common law terms, there is sufficient probably cause to investigate.

      2. You’re probably right…to investigate that is. Tricky investigation though. I mean, “Show me your knickers,” might be considered a bit dodgy. Assuming you are right should she be punished for one collective uniform infraction or 4 separate ones?

  3. Sue- getting old? I would have though you were part of the “never to old” school of thought.

    Nikolai- I’m sure you of all people could come up with a plausible excuse to conduct an inspection (and deal with whatever said inspection reveals)

  4. I meant my grumpy critical response to her make-up, hooped earrings and shoes. The lacy knickers question is still open to confirmation. My reaction is outrage that any pupil should so flagrantly defy the school rules. No understanding at all on my part…sad

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