7 thoughts on “Minimalism

  1. There would be no room on the coffee table for her in my house. Minimalism and clean lines…no way. Coffee tables = books, magazines, homework, biscuit tins, bowls of fruit, Lego bits, tablets, mobile phones………If she wants to stretch out naked with white she needs a bathroom.

    1. There’s nothing on my coffee table at the moment. I don’t mean to say that this is the normal state of affairs, just that an impending visit from a spanker can bring on truly impressive bouts of cleaning.

      1. Ah well yes, that is an entirely different story. Don’t miss a speck or it may go harder on you.

  2. She seems very well disciplined, lying there without fidgeting. I wonder if you turned her over if it would reveal a little color in the room?

  3. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear that is the couch and love seat (what useful words, those) my wife and I purchased eons ago. The stories they could tell. Including who spilled the red wine that never came out. Thanks Kia

  4. Sue- I’ve done my best, though doubtless he’ll find some reason. . .it really is so unfair.

    Nikolai- That’s the beauty of photography- one only needs to be still for a moment and can then carry on wriggling and fidgeting and doing whatever else we do when our bottoms are sore.

    Jon- For what it’s worth, I think wine is an excellent way to add colour to a room (though preferably when in a glass instead of on the love seat)

    1. Unfair? Really? Oh dear Kia you do have a long way to go. If he says it’s right it’s right and fairness doesn’t come into it. That is rule number 1 my dear.

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