One thought on “Longing for a Quiet Corner

  1. This photo highlights the importance of “nose and toes” for a young lady in reflections. She would not be fidgeting about if she were properly indexed to the wall. Two-blocked into a corner will also discourage a miscreant from more ill-discipline.

    Sadly, in the modern home of girl or tutor, there just aren’t the servants, workmen and other children bustling about as their were a century ago so “being seen” is just not the terror it used to be.

    I’ve struck upon a rather evil idea. Technology could return us to those more trafficked times. A camera set up for the internet could be arranged to show the corner or mark and when someone brings up the image, the computer could broadcast the sounds of someone entering the room. It could be a game of chance as to whether the internet traveler would happen upon a chastised young lady in meditation.

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