4 thoughts on “Orientation

  1. If he is right handed how is it wrong? If he is right handed then the person who made it should have written the name the other way up…or should he?

  2. I don’t know, before criticizing, she might want to try to imagine things from his perspective. Sure to an outside observer things may look upside down, but to him they are spelled out clearly. As for her, it is more about what she’s feeling than the actual words being used.

  3. Nikolai- I can’t help but doubt the effectiveness of a spanker forgetful enough to need such a reminder. Then again, as you say, surely the writing is not for her benefit either. That leaves us with the conclusion that it must be for an outside observer, to whom he could show a bit more consideration, could he not?

    Sue- Perhaps, though maybe such things should have been taken into account when first obtaining the paddle- they must make versions for right and left handers. In the meantime, he could perhaps just use the other hand- I’m sure she won’t mind 😉

    1. On the contrary, the orientation is a clever artifice to force the outside observer to be present in the moment rather than have their mind distracted from careful observation of the totality of the scene.

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