4 thoughts on “Not so Nice

  1. I’m surprised to see that little stool is well padded. Mostly that sort of kneeling photo has a sadistic element with a hard or nasty surface. Perhaps she is in the corner for a long time and her husband/master/disciplinarian is being a little kind because she took her correction well. Or perhaps she doesn’t like it and it is part of the punishment. Now Kia has drawn my attention to it I am bothered…I want to know! Like Kia I would prefer to stand…do stand as it happens. I have come to believe in corner time for a starting position of total hostility but I am not sure about her. She looks defiant to me…perhaps even angry so perhaps, on reflection, maybe she prefers standing and this is part of her punishment. Oh boy does she have a long way to go before she is repentant.

  2. “I have come to believe in corner time for a starting position of total hostility” I know several of us would agree with that statement πŸ˜‰ Thankfully the ensuing spanking nips any hostility in the bud.

    I love how your comments are often more thought-provoking than the posts. You have a gift for postulating context for pictures. I’m sure there’s a story there somewhere. . .

    1. Thank you Kia. I did mean ‘from’ rather than ‘for’ as you clearly understood. I hate having dyslexic fingers.

      1. Figured there was a typo somewhere, though it was nowhere near as blatant as some of mine.

        Granted, my money was on a hostility/humility autocorrect issue. Either way, the intention came through properly and the error gave me a chuckle πŸ™‚

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