2 thoughts on “Hand-Holding

  1. I am very against corporal punishment or corporal correction on the hand. I have senior school experience of being caned on the hand and in my not so humble opinion (why should I be humble about it?) it is brutal and dangerous. It is so easy to miss the palm and hit delicate fingers or the thumb. Worse still a bad aim can hit the wrist or ball of the thumb. I have been told that in Scotland where the tawse (taws) was used some schools made the girls hang a duster over their wrists to prevent that sort of accident.

    1. I’ve never been caned on the hand- it sounds dreadful in any context, and not something I am interested in.

      Leather, on the other hand, I’ve taken something of a liking to. It requires deeper submission from me, to hold still and- heaven forbid- keep eye contact. It also requires a great deal of skill and restraint on the part of the spanker to deliver the punishment safely, which is part of the appeal for me.

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