7 thoughts on “Discipline and Disarray

  1. There is a restaurant near me with a huge menu plus a vegetarian menu and another for vegans. Usually with such a large menu food is poor but not this one. I really don’t know how they maintain such a high standard. However, does anyone really need such a large choice of spanking instruments? Doesn’t take a lot to make a bottom sore. But perhaps, like my restaurant, a high standard of spanking is still maintained with this selection.

    1. I’m a fly fisherman. I usually hit the stream with at least one box of over 30 flies. It sometimes takes a lot of trial and error to see which will work best in the conditions that present.

  2. @HotBottoms- thanks for the insight. Who knew that fishing and spanking could be related?

    @Sue- On the other hand, regardless of the size of the menu, surely one choice is sufficient, wouldn’t you think?

    1. Indeed Kia. I see Hot Bottoms’ point but one hand, one hairbrush or one strap is a simple menu but highly effective.

  3. Perhaps the size of the menu is intended to focus the lady’s full attention on her impending chastisement……

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