18 thoughts on “Reaction and Anticipation

    1. Not as much as the interview itself. Perhaps I should point that out- between the anticipation and the interview that should be punishment enough, and we can just dispense with the spanking bit.

  1. I like the lady thinking of what’s to come. It makes her think maybe she should have behaved better but knowing it’s to late now.
    Maybe I’m just an evil minded spanker

    1. What lady? I see three schoolgirls. If you’re outside the head’s office it’s definitely too late unless you’ve kissed the Blarney Stone. Anyway Brian you are just an evil minded spanker LOL.

      1. Kia: Kissing the Blarney Stone may help you talk your way out of trouble but does not exempt you. Sorry if that is bad news.
        Brian: Tsk, tsk. A gentleman should never reveal a lady’s secrets. Shame on you and on a public forum too.
        Kia: Creative pursuits! Now that does sound like blarney.
        Nikolaikaa: Now I really like your idea… just that right shade of evil creativity.

      2. Spoil sport!
        As for Brian you be fair to him if it helps protect your bum…. I don’t have to be. LOL

  2. Susan I am Irish but never kissed the blarney stone but many a deserving girl have found her bottom kissed by my belt when they misbehave. Isn’t that right kia?

    1. Fair enough, except for the “deserving” part. And perhaps the “misbehaving” part as well. I prefer to think of my actions as “creative pursuits”.

  3. Seems to me, if you are going to have benches outside the office for misbehaving girls to sit upon while awaiting their turn at comeuppance, those benches should be higher so the miscreants feet at best barely scrape the ground while seated. So much better to instill the proper frame of mind before punishment.

      1. I think honesty should be applauded. And no better place to applaud then on the “honest” young ladies bottom

  4. Susan- you are such a good friend. Incidentally, why is it that I have so many offers to help get into trouble and so few to help clean my apartment?

    Brian- Not sure where you learned to applaud, but where I’m from we do it a bit differently.

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