9 thoughts on “Bystander or Participant

  1. I expect her to bend and stay in position without assistance. Failing to do so would earn her extra strokes

  2. Howard and Richard- it doesn’t feel quite so much something to be applauded when one is on the receiving end.

    Brian- ominous… Though still better than having a witness. That alone would be enough of a threat for me.

    Susan and HotBottoms- I was taught that taking turns is the polite thing to do. One has to admire a lady willing to do so in times of distress right?

  3. The witness serves several purposes. She’ll be able to confirm the punishment was fully administered. Her firm yet gentle restraint will help the young lady to absorb the caning. When the young lady is required to widen her stance, the witness will provide comfort and support, while ensuring that the proper posture is adopted..

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