5 thoughts on “Fetish Furniture

  1. Corner time is always needed but is this hard enough to make you focus on the lesson you need to learn?

  2. A stool is such an innocent piece of furniture. You can always put a pot plant on it to disguise it and no one will ever know it has two uses. Secrets of that sort are so delicious. I don’t recommend positioning it right by the cat flap though… you could end up with a nasty draft.

    1. I noticed the cat flap, too, Susan, and was tempted to pass comment ill-befitting a gentleman in the presence of ladies ;).

      0h, what the hell. This needs sharing –
      A cat-flap is helpful when a pussy needs some air.

      (I feel better now!)

  3. Giles- I almost commented on the cat flap in the post. Couldn’t think of a good way to phrase it though. . . a problem you seem to have addressed.

    Susan- no potted plants for me! If anything, it would make the stool more conspicuous. I have a notoriously brown thumb- even managed to kill a few cacti somehow.

    Brian- Should do, I’m a quick learner 😉

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