3 thoughts on “More Furnitre

  1. Sorry Kia. I hate to tell you this but gentlemen don’t reason in the same way as we do. Just sit on the chair and wait for the smarting to stop.

  2. There are worse things to sit on. Anyway you need to feel the sting as you sit or else he hasn’t spanked you hard enough and you won’t learn to behave.

  3. Not bad. The height is right. She should not be able to put her feet flat on the floor and with the toes touching it will help her remember not to swing her feet.

    But a hard seat? A nice imitation leather seat with enough cushion for her bottom to sink comfortably and be cupped would be much better. Not only would such a seat keep her from fidgeting, it would also make her hesitant to stand once her time was up,. Well, after the first time.

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