8 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beating

  1. So Ms Kia…pretty girls get let off for being pretty? Not sure as a teacher I could approve of that. I think you’d best come and see me after school young lady. We need to talk. Make sure you’re in your PE kit when you arrive.

  2. HotBottoms- Life is so unfair.

    Brian- How about a deal- I’ll lean forward if you drop the strap 😉

    Susan- not what I was going for, exactly, but it wouldn’t hurt to try the “don’t hit me, I’m cute” angle, would it? And what’s this about a PE kit? And why after school?

    1. PE kit? Well that’s what she is wearing and it tends to be thinner and more easily removed. After school? Well now do you want lots of witnesses?

  3. The ballet shoes suggest a performer in training who is learning, alas, to suffer for her art.

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